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Add an inspiring live contribution to your business events

Career counseling / Job application training

We take the challenge. That´s why our target group is especially people who have some obstacles to find the right job - woman and mother with an immigrant background, I managed to overcome all obstacles for a successful career. You can do it, too. From long-standing experience in a total of 20 companies in 13 sectors I am aware of the market requirements, and I know how to activate your potential, too.

In training sessions and individual coaching sessions, I lend support to

  • New university and college graduates looking for the first career position
  • Experienced professionals seeking to resume their career following a parental leave or after taking time out to tend to sick people, etc.
  • Professionals wishing to redefine their career path

"How to (re)discover your career path"

SIA Consult provides advice and support all along the way, from a competence analysis to the perfect job application portfolio and the job interview through to your successful positioning in a new work environment, by:

  • Carrying out a situation analysis
  • Compiling a competence profile
  • Developing an individual roadmap leading to the intended career position

This course of action will be adapted to the individual needs and tasks.

Decision Management
To find the right way when making important decisions, and to communicate the result in a way that your counterpart can understand you may be part of an executive's routine business but that does not make it any easier. One is always tempted to resort to customary, proven methods, to rush the decision, or to procrastinate. You will learn to divide issues, to balance rational versus emotional arguments and their respective consequences, and to reach the right decisions using an array of strategies.

"How to make the right decisions, and communicate them properly"

  • Strategies and method of decision-making
  • What you need to pay special attention to when faced with a difficult decision
  • How to recognize decision traps
  • How to communicate decisions
  • How to get started with the implementation of decisions