Team Management

"How to view change as an opportunity, and how to leverage it"

The benefit to you

The attitudes displayed by employees are the central factor for successfully implementing changes. It makes sense for all executives and project managers faced with the task of carrying out large-scale structural changes to gain familiarity with Change Management.

Your scope for action in dealing with the "human resource" will broaden.

  • You will be able to understand the principal factors affecting successful implementation of changes
  • You will acquire methods of diagnosis and intervention to effectively deal with opposition
  • You will become able to identify characteristic stages in the cycle of change, and to employ the right means
  • You will be able to anticipate possible friction losses and proactively counteract them by taking appropriate measures
  • You will learn how to mobilize people for change

According to the method of SIA Consult, the methods you learn will be simulated in example cases from your everyday professional life, the critical issues will be identified, and the possibilities for action will be optimized.