When and why you should contact us?

Consultancy and Coaching

You may choose to use our training and consulting services for the purpose of prevention, similar to the routine maintenance you have done on your car, but also in particular when there are specific issues that need to be tackled.

Owing to our experience as a management consultant, we are able to get a quick grasp of concrete problems and come up with practical solutions. Think of it as a jump start if your car won't start and the computer displays error messages that you are unable to fix. What do you do? You either call a technician or try to get your car to a service station of your choice.

This is what it is like to work with SIA Consult. Is there something in your company that is not quite going the way you want it to? Together we can analyze the situation, look for ways of "troubleshooting", and remedy the problem in order to get things up and running again.

We are pleased to offer you our support in the following functions:

  • as Project Manager:
    designing, implementing, and managing complex process, organization and IT projects
  • as Change Agent:
    providing structure and guidance during change processes
  • as Process Consultant:
    • analyzing, modeling, and optimizing business processes
    • identifying the potential for cost reduction and increased efficiency, and implementing customized solutions

What's the benefit to you?

  • Your projects run smoothly and make optimum use of resources
  • Business processes are clean-cut and efficient
  • Changes are embraced by all stakeholders
  • Awareness is raised for the obstacles to cooperation with people and companies from different cultures and areas of expertise
  • Possible ways of adequately dealing with divergent (corporate) cultures are devised
  • Communication works out, and (culturally induced) misunderstandings and losses due to friction are minimized

So if you still need a good reason to contact us – here are 10 of them:

  1. Transferability to the everyday work routine: The training contents can be put to profitable use.
  2. The transfer of know-how to your company ensures the sustainability of the consulting services rendered.
  3. Competent assistance on short notice whenever concrete problems are encountered.
  4. To identify, activate, and fully exploit potentials within your company.
  5. To open up perspectives and to find solutions.
  6. To use international business as competitive edge.
  7. More performance with less effort put in.
  8. Fewer misunderstandings and sources of frustration.
  9. You save costs while relaxing your nerves!
  10. And finally the gist of the matter: Would you step on a golf course unprepared? Surely not. Therefore, be well-prepared also for new challenges, be it abroad or within your company, when managing projects or optimization and change processes – there is so much more at stake than just playing a good round.

We will be happy to offer you an open ear through various communication channels:

Phone +49 (0) 6101-34.99.789
Mobile +49 (0) 177.41.747.41
Email info@sia-consult.de