A colleague yesterday, yet a boss today?

Young Executives who take over responsability for the first time need special tools. SIA Consult provides the necessary core competencies of an intercultural leadership. Depending on your needs such a specialization of your skills will happen through practice and implementation-oriented case studies, group exercises and role-plays.
Together we reflect actual cases from your work environment and develop strategies and solutions for your everyday management:

  • Competence Analysis - your personal strengths and weaknesses profile.
  • Properly positioned - to deal with the new "sandwich-position" as colleague and as junior executive.
  • Key factors of successful leadership - especially for newly appointed managers
    • Leading employees: motivate, encourage and challenge!
    • Communication: targeted communication, enforcing and convincing.
      • sucessfull staff meetings - dealing with difficult employees
      • formulating feedbacks correctly
    • Setting objectives and priorities – time- and self-management
    • Delegating successfully
    • Coordinating projects effectively; project-management
    • How can you detected and resolved conflicts? Conflict-Management