International Human Resource Management

The internationalization of the economy is increasingly becoming the focus of the challenges to be met. These challenges can only be met through recruiting, developing and retaining high qualified personnel.

SIA Consult is your competent partner for getting the right staff at the right position.

1. Recruitment - Strategic and long-term personnel selection
The development of a company is determined by their employees - with their working style, personality and their cultural background the. According to your demands we can not only find the right staff with the right technical skills, but also asses the envisaged personnel according to the inter-cultural fitness. By doing this we do ensure that the candidate fits perfectly into your corporate culture.

2. Personnel Development - Identify the potential of employees, activate and develop
SIA Consult offers you and your colleagues to assess and learn how intercultural competences can be established, developed and strengthened among your employees by:

  • Competence Analysis
  • Communication Training
  • Sales Training
  • Negotiation Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Time Management
  • Customer-oriented Service
  • Decision Making

3. Performance Management - Evaluate and Increase Staff Performance According to Corporate Goals

  • Create a customized performance and payment system
  • Implementation of such a performance based system
  • Feedback (Top down, bottom up)
  • Management of Talents - identify and strategically develop the talents of each staff member to meet the needs of the company
  • Achievement of goals - through individual- or team coaching

4.Organizational Development
Organizational Development is about changes to develop processes, systems and structures. The primary purpose is to define a structural framework for the development of an effective HR organization with appropriate roles and responsibilities for all involved - employees an leadership.

SIA Consult will guide you so that your organization developes abilities to make it fit for future changes.