Where's the Beaf?

– Marketing catch phrase

Our services will benefit companies, educational institutions, foundations and other organizations which ...

  • are doing international business – whether as vendor or as client;
  • wish to extend their activities abroad, with a branch office, local business partners, etc.;
  • are dispatching personnel to a foreign country;
  • are already operating abroad, but are encountering initial difficulties;
  • are implementing projects that involve multiple cultures;
  • seek to achieve the same or better results in their work routine while putting less effort into it;
  • want to save on costs they would incur by lost orders or commercial transactions that go wrong;
  • realize thatthe employees' know-how and attitude constitute the most important asset of the company/institution;
  • intend to treat their employees to something special in order to increase their loyalty to the company;
  • have employees with an intercultural background – whether they have lived and worked in Germany only for a short while or already in the 3rd generation.

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